Android Sound Recorder Project in Android Studio (With Project Files)

Android Sound Recorder Project Overview

Android Sound Recorder, an app developed using Android Studio. This app records the sound of the environment, singing, lectures , notes and more. Besides, this app is built using java programming language with Android Studio. So, this app would be perfect in order to enhance your android development skills.

Android studio is an open source IDE Integrated Development Environment for Google Operating System. This software is designed to help specially in android app development.

Hence, this sound recorder project has nice clean UI touch and very lightweight in size / efficiency. It also records not just mp4 files but rather records sound files in different format such as m4a and other.

You can even manage your recording saved in the record tab where you can rename , delete, move and copy your existing sound records. The app runs perfectly on background while recording with High CD quality and best of all no ADS.

Some of the features of the App:

  • Very easy to use interface.
  • No record time limit
  • Open Source
  • Sound File Manager
  • Clean Material Design
  • Record in MP4 Format
  • AAC Encoder

As a result, this can be a good project for your final year semester in the app development career. It has got all the quality codes and basic principles knowledge of java programming language. So, The difficult level of programming this app would be up to intermediate.

Steps to use the project:

  • Download and Extract the project in a folder.
  • Open Android Studio, and locate the project file.
  • Wait for gradle to build and import necessary dependencies.
  • If you error some error, its because the version of the build gradle. You can change it to version 25.0 if the app fails on build. But, this should go fine as long as you follow the fixes in the building process.

Download link of the project is below:





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