[Android] Stack Game Unity Tutorial with Project Files

 Stack Game Unity Tutorial

Android Stack Game Unity Tutorial is developed using Unity 3D. Unity 3d is a cross-platform game engine developed by unity technology. This software is a great tool which focuses on 2d and 3d game development beginner. Unity 3d consist of game development engine and fairly friendly environment to develop the games for computers, consoles, mobiles and other devices.

However, the project contains all the necessary files you need to create the stack game and we included all the game play assets so you don’t have to make them. Although, the menu is not available now but its fairly easier to make one.

Some Descriptions

The original arcade game was developed was Ketchapp from Ubisoft Mobile Games. This game is very popular over hundred thousand of reviews and millions of downloads.

Basically, In this stack game you have to press the screen to stack one tile blocks on another at same position. We have to place the block right beneath the previous one. Otherwise, the overflown part gets cut down and the game speeds up as you move on higher score.You lose after the tile get smaller and smaller until there is no place left to stack.

Also, we have created major game functions and included the project files like 3d GameObjects, scripts defintions , camera angles and all related to gameplay. In addition, the file is in zip format:

Steps to use the project:

  • Just extract using winrar software.
  • And open the folder with unity 3d. Thats it!

Stack up the blocks as high as you can!

◉ Simple & Beautiful graphics designed
◉ Compete for the best score in the world


As you see the picture above, the game contains score board ( eventsystem) in the game. As result, the score increases as you keep on placing the blocks right on the position just below the previous tile.


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