Banking Management System Using C++ With Source Code

Banking Management System

This mini project Banking Management System has its own style of coding and presented in an attractive manner. This project is focused on customer account services in the bank, so it is named “Banking Management System”. It is computerized so that the data can be kept safe with password protected. It uses file handling operations such as add, record, deletes, search modify, account number, name, deposit, withdraw amount and many other functions. A customer can deposit and withdraw the amount in his account. The user can create, modify and delete the account as the project uses file handling functions.Overall, with this project, you can perform banking activities like in a real bank. Bank management  System in  C is a console application without graphics. You can use any software that you are familiar to run this project.

Features of Banking Management System

  1. Add Account
  2. Deposit Amount
  3. Withdraw Amount
  4. Balance Enquiry
  5. Account Holder’s List
  6. Close Account
  7. Modify Account
  8. Exit

Click the link below to download the Source Code for this project:



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