Bus Reservation System in C++ (With Source Files)

Bus Reservation System in C++ Overview

Bus reservation system is C++ project developed using C++ programming language and DevC++ IDE.  This project provides a solution to tedious traditional hand booking system. Mostly, all ticketing and booking system uses digital system and softwares these days. These softwares and programs excellent management system in digital form which is farther more safe and sound than traditional. Switching to digital method will not only help the customers but overall system performance.

Hence, The programming language used to develop this program is C++ which is general purpose programming language. Its has features like object-oriented , generic and imperative  while also providing services fo low memory manipulation.

The image above show the major basic features in the program:

  • Install:  This command basically added new product like Bus in context to this program. To add record, user has to input series of details to fully add a functional bus record into the system along with some validations.
  • Reservations: Reservations command adds new bus reservations record on the system. Again, a bunch of input has to be given and validated to in order to store the record.
  • Show: This show command display all the record along with their details like id, name , bus , departure time, arrival time and more in a list on the screen. For this, bus number is required to display the corresponding list.
  • Buses Available: This command provides details of all the buses that hasn’t been indexed or reserved by  a customer.
  • Exit: This command simply terminates the program.

Hence, to choose the command above in the numbered list. There is a text “Enter your choice” and a blinking cursor where you type the corresponding number to the command. Then, you press enter to execute them. The whole process is command line interface which is a bit downside. Therefore, this type of project is perfect for students in the learning phase of C++ programming,

Skills used: C++ Programming

Compiler/IDE; DevC++

Download link is below:

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