Calendar Project JavaScript ( With Source Files)

Calendar Project JavaScript Overview

Calendar Project with JavaScript where user are able to set schedule, events for different category like business, parties ,school ,works and other. In addition, this project has clean and functional user interface allows to manage dates and events very easily.

Some Features

Therefore, here are some of the foremost main features provided by the calendar project. This uses JavaScript plugins and some framework to provides user with rich set of option for managing events and schedules and calendar. Different events are displayed with different color. Hence, this provides easy recognition of schedules.

So, user can also categorize the event like whether it is business events, special events , holidays, celebrations days and more.Thus, this helps user to locate various event according to category.

  • Provides dragging and Resizing Schedule and Events.
  • Includes JavaScript pop-ups for different message box.
  • Creates Milestones and Scheduled Tasks.
  • Displays Calendar in Grid Cells Just like in real calendar.
  • Adjust schedule and events with quick dragging.

Download Link is Here:

Finally, complete small task to unlock the download button.

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