Car Rental Project PHP and MySQL [With Source Code]

Car Rental in PHP and MySQL

Car Rental Project is a web-based application made using PHP and MySQL.  PHP is a open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially for web development. The main areas where PHP is used are server-side scripting, command line scripting and writing desktop applications. MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. It provides a implementation of a SQL database which is very well suited for small to medium web pages. It is mainly used for web database purpose so it can be used to store information.

Nowadays, most of the works are done online to save time and labor. Before internet was introduced to human kind, people worked hardly instead of smartly. But technology has made our work a lot easier and faster. Car Rental Project allows people to book car online which saves time.  This web-based app makes the process easier for both user and employee.

User can login by entering correct email id and password. After successful login, user can book car, view car booking history,post and view testimonials as per his/her requirement. As for admin, s/he can create or manage vehicle,vehicle brand, testimonials, change password, etc.


For admin Login:

  • username : admin
  • password : admin


How to run this project?

  • For running the project, download the file.
  • unzip it then copy carrentalproject folder into localhost server root directory(like Wampp, xampp).
  • Import SQL file from the project into phpmyadmin.
  • Type “localhost/<project_folder_name>” in browser to execute the project.


Download link is below:


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