Chat Application PHP Codeigniter MySQL [With Source Code]

Chat Application PHP Codeigniter MySQL

The chat application with php, codeigniter and mysql allows user to chat internet using same platform. This project is created using codeignter which is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web. PHP on ther other hand is server side scripting language powering upto more than 70% of website today.Hence, most popular CMS available in the public called WordPress is built with PHP.

Check out codeigniter docs here.

Chat application uses real-time chat functionality using AJAX request chat feed from the php controller. AJAX request are continuously send to receive any new chat feed. Other than that, the web application provides user login authentication, user management, profile management and other small features. User are categorized into different roles such as client , vender and admin. As you login, you can chat with different user available to you.

Furthermore, chat is generally fast, user can chat to different user simultaneously and users can also upload file to chat so that other user can access to the attached file directly from the chat section. UI Design is quite simple and straight forward. Management user as admin. Default user are listed while you see the login section of this application.

Steps to use the project:

  • Download the project from the link below
  • Extract to htdocs folder if you are using xammp or www if wammp.
  • Create database in phpmyadmin mysql server and import the database file from import section.
  • Start your localhost apache server or any other server
  • Go to browser and load project url ‘localhost/project_folder_name’ or ‘localhost:**/project_name’ if you are using port different from default port 80.

Note: Change the config[‘base_url’] = ‘localhost/project_folder_name’ in application/config/config.php if you are using different folder name. Database connection config file is also in ‘application/config/database.php’. Change the database config file to your matching database credentials.

Dowload link is listed below:

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