Codeigniter Task Management App MySQL [ With Project Files ]

CodeIgniter Task Management App MySQL

Codeiginter Task Management App is codeIgniter based web application which lets you create various projects and their task for each user. Whole app is made using codeIgniter PHP framework which is a powerful open source PHP framework. Hence, CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

More info on codeigniter here.

Learn codeiginter more using codeignter’s own user guide.

Here in this web app we can manage our own projects, create their task and set their due  date, set task as active and complete.  A web based app that controls the task you are going to do in the future. So, as a user when you register you are provided with set of input fields of details which we have to enter. Then user can simple began to create new project with their own tasks. When multiple users register, each user will only their own projects which they created themselves not others. So, this separates mixing project of user and user can have their own set of projects and task specific to them.

Features of this Web App:

  • Create User , login user and register new users.
  • Dashboard with Recent set of projects and tasks created.
  • Create  , delete , edit projects as you want for each individual users.
  • Create , delete , edit tasks for each set of project.
  • Set tasks with due date and Status as Active and Complete Task.
  • Made with Mobile friendly framework (Bootstrap).
  • Clean Toast Notification feature with Toastr.

Steps to use the project:

  • Extract and unzip the project file.
  • Copy the project folder into localhost server folder like “htdocs” for Xampp or “www” for Wampp.
  • After that create a database with name “codeigniter_db” in phpmyadmin.
  • Import the sql file inside the project folder which with name “Database File” into the newly created database.
  • The project Folder name will be “ci” and if you want to change the name of the project folder then make sure to change config.php which is inside application > config >config.php ( Set $[‘base_url’] = “http://localhost/new_project_name”.
  • Launch the project in browser by typing “localhost/ci” or “localhost/new_project_name”.

Admin Details:

  • username : sanish
  • pass: sanish123

Download Links is Below:

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