Currency Converter Java Netbeans (With Source Files)

Currency Converter Java Netbeans Overview

Currency Converter Java is a simple mini project developed with Net-beans using java programming language. Java is a open-source general programming language by Oracle. Java has been evolving day to day bring new features to web , console and mobile based application. We used Netbeans to develop this application. Hence, Netbeans is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

This software  lets you quickly and easily create desktop, mobile, web and other platform application fairly easily. Netbeans provides user with great set of tool for development.

This simple converter project on currency is to convert another depending on the currency conversion rate extracted with web-based server. There are more than 20 different exchange rates in the project. So, the program runs on browser interface using java servlets.

First, the project lets user to input the currency on the one side and choose on currency exchange. There is a swap button the below which calls the conversion function. This functions works as swapping the exchanged rates from one textfield to another with converted rates.

This kind of application is mainly used for business purposes where user has to convert daily currency exchanges rates. So, softwares and program like this tens to out-perform human accuracy of working. As this project application extract data from java servlets, the currency exchange rates are up to date.


Download link is below:

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