Department Store Management System Using C Program With Source Code

Department Store Management System in C

This Department Store Management System is a simple console application built for management of department store products and goods without a interactive interface. In this project, you can manage a typical items in department store. This project helps people to manage their daily product added in the list.
Though, the user interface is quite command line like cause project is in basic c programming coding. There is not much we can do about interface. The options are displayed in the screen and you can give command through keyboard.
You can add goods, edit goods, search, delete and display the goods. Furthermore, user is able to perform file handling to record the information of the added goods. You can search the goods by rate, code or quantity. Also, similar goes for display. In fact, you can display the items by quantity, rate or code.

Below are some main features of this project:

  • Command line interface with options on the display
  • CRUD operations for the user to control the access over data and modify them.
  • Display all the goods added with their in formations on the screen.
  • Basic search function to search related items by entering goods id or name.
  • Algorithm to calculate goods that the user have added in the list.

Besides, we added some other small features have been added like validation, user exit button, parse control, splash screen and small others.

Therefore, the source code for this mini project is complete and totally error-free. This project is compiled and run in Dev C++. You can use any software you are familiar too.

Download the source code by clicking the given link below:





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