Food Order System in C Programming [With Source Codes]

Food Order System in C Overview

Food Order System is a program written in C programming language and Dev C++. C is a very powerful general purpose programming language. It is fast, portable and available in all platforms. There is wide use of C programming language i.e. from Operating systems like Windows and iOS to software built for creating 3D movies. This project is a console program without graphics i.e. it’s a simple project. The code of this project is complete and totally error free.

This application is based on the concept of ordering and serving food in a cafe. In this application, the user can order available food items, serve food and check the records. While ordering the food, the application asks the user for his/her name, total number of item, item code and quantity. The user also has to select the size of item before ordering. After the completion of whole process, the system displays total amount. After that, the user can serve it easily. The user can also check the total records of the cafe which displays total number of order taken and served.

This project is for educational purpose only.

Skills used: C Programming Language

Compiler used: DevC++

Download link for the source code is below:


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