Hospital Management System Project in Node JS (With Source Code)

Hospital Management System Project in Node JS Overview

Hospital Management System Project in Node JS is a web-based designed to manage hospital services, rooms, staffs and patients. This project provides a solution for hospital staff/employee to manage centralized data in much more effective manner. Hence, This allow employee to record data and retrieve them in real time with very less hassle.

However, This project uses JavaScript with Node JS framework which is open source, cross-platform Java run-time environment that execute the JavaScript in back-end server side.


Main features:

  • Dashboard: Dashboard is on the main features of this application. To get to the dashboard, first you need to login with valid login credentials. So, This section basically allows admin to get all the information related to patients, room, patients, numbers of rooms, patients that are waiting etc. Therefore, A quick overview of data in the hospital management system.
  • Add Patient : This section allows admin user to add new patients with their type of disease. The application has features to automatically calculate the rate of disease. So, This helps patients to be treated by their doctor in possible time. To add detail, basically admin inputs series of patients information like first last name, date of birth, hospital number ,¬† and type of disease he has.
  • System setting: The system setting panel allows admin to add new disease, remove disease, user , rooms and patients. This section is of more importance in the system. This allows¬† admin to control over the main hospital management system components that system relies on. These basic data are main part of the system, without which this application¬† is not usuable.

Login Details:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Steps to use the project:

  • First, Download and extract the zip file in your hard drive.
  • Install node JS from here if you don’t have one.
  • Open terminal in your operating system and change the directory to the path of the project.
  • Then, type ‘npm install’ to install all the dependencies required for application.
  • Now type ‘node app.js’ to start the local node server. This server will be live on port 3000.
  • Finally, Open Browser and type ‘localhost:3000’ to start the app.

Download link is below:


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