Library Management System In C With SourceCode

Library Management System

A simple Library Management System as a mini project designed using ‘C programming language’. This mini project in C Library Management System is a console application without graphics developed using the C programming language. One small data can make a huge difference in the entire data . So, applying for this program in Library can create a huge difference. Hence, you can use any software related to C to run this project.


We have designed a small computerized program using C to reduce the problem occurs in the library. The main problem is data loss. This program is easy to use and handle.

This library management system is able to do some tasks like searching, adding, issuing, deleting/removing unnecessary books, editing books records as well as shows the book’s list. However, this also contains return section where you issue a book from this project you must return the book after a certain period of time. 

Most of the feature task of the project held within a function is predefined on the top of codes on the starting sector. This is very important as C programming on verifies those functions defined on the header without it the functions might not work as they should.

So, these functions on the library management are mend to store data into some separate file so that the added or inserted data can be used for future purposes. Besides, all the data is stored in text file in the root program folder and data is read/write using predefined C built-in function.

And, the main CRUD function is the program is very important sector. This part of programming is what makes library system a proper management system. In fact, CRUD stands for create, read, delete and update functions inside a program.


  • Programming Skills  Used : C Programming Language
  • Compiler/ Editor Used: Dev C++

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