MS Paint Javascript [With Source Codes]

MS Paint Javascript Overview

MS Paint Program is a simple but complete program which has got the features like that of original Microsoft Paint. This program is a Javascript based program. Javascript is a lightweight, interpreted, object oriented language with first class function and is scripting language for webpages. It is dynamic, supports object-oriented and functional programming style. The objective of this project is to match this prototype with the Official Microsoft Paint.

As we said already, this system is a replica of the official Microsoft Paints. The project contains almost all the features like that of original. In addition to the official one, you can also perform new stuffs with this system. You can do drawing and write texts which is like that of Official one. Fill up the objects which you created with color and load images directly from your computer. The feature which distinguishes this project from official one is that you can load the images or drawing from URL and edit it.

Modern Browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc. can run this program without any problems.

Download Link for Ms Paint with source code is below:

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