Notepad Clone C# Winforms [With Source Codes]

Notepad Clone in C#

Notepad clone is replica of original notepad in windows. This clone made using C# Winforms which is a graphical inteface application programming interface (API) included in C# .Net Framework. Winforms is a library that lets you create GUI application using C#. Therefore, theĀ  notepad clone program lets you write note, save notes and open then as usaal notepad would do. So, there are some difference from original notepad such as logo, bit of style and layout.

Features of the notepad clone:

  • File – create, read ,delete, save print and page setup.
  • Edit – undo, cut, copy, paste, find , replace, go to line number and others.
  • Format – Wordwarp, fonts setting.
  • Other – view and help tabs.

Hence, the clone is very much similar the original one besides small details and featues that makes the original original. This is just a project to replicate the notepad program and the clone seems to turnout pretty well. Here’s the download link of the file so you can see the project files by yourself. Link is below:

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