Online Book Store PHP MYSQL (With Source Files)

Online Book Store PHP Project Overview

Online Book Store PHP is a PHP MySQL project with HTML CSS. HTML CSS Framework is called Bootstrap which is open-source front-end framework very famous for fast layout and grid box system for ease of use.Bootstrap makes building website convenient and faster with libraries for web development.

Besides, This project is a book store project where customer are able to order books from home. Online stores are very common theses days and they provide explicitly large amount of product items for sale. In fact, many marketing company implement this strategy to go online.

In addition, this book store project has admin panel which allows admin user to add , delete , update and view books inside admin page. This makes easier to add some product in website as you don’t have to go through codes to make changes. All the information of the product/books are stored in database (MySQL database ) which makes data to be stored in separate section. This makes data secure as well as maintains integrity, reduce redundancy and greater security.

Steps to use project:

  • In the root project folder, there is folder called database which contains data.sql which you will need to import before you open website. Create database in phpmyadmin with name “data” before importing the data.sql
  • Now open the index.php with localhost service on like Xammp or any other propietary software.
  • Open Index.php in localhost on browser.Username and password for Admin is ‘[email protected]’ and ‘admin’.

Database Details

  • Create Collation Database with name ‘Data’.
  • Import the data.sql into the database.

This is a quite simple project which will be perfect for your semester project in PHP MYSQL cause it cover basically everything you need to know about PHP core mechanics and MYSQL database. It is guranteed that you will get job in PHP if you are perfect in making these websites then

Download the project here:

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