Online Food Ordering System PHP MYSQL (With Source Files)

Online Food Ordering System PHP MYSQL Overview

Online food ordering system is a web-based application developed using PHP and MYSQL. This online based application basically allows customer to order food online from wherever they want by providing their residential details. Customers order food from home and the order gets to system to be informed to the employees. This type of system speeds the ordering process making convenient for both customer and the employee staff.

Screenshot of Ordering Process:

Hence, the system starts with login and registration. If you already have an account then you can simply login with you credential. Otherwise, you ca register of you are new on the system. After the authentication process, user isĀ  welcomed with system dashboard board which display recently added menus. User can modify those items on the dashboard.

Some of the main features of the food ordering system are below:

  • Login/register: As mentioned above, user can simply login and register on the system to identify their presence and for security purposes too.
  • Modify/Update Menu: Admin users can update and modify the menu details on the dashboard as well as in the order section. The update section provides there columns that can modified. Name, price and availability.
  • Customer Order: As an ordering system, customer can order their meal/food online using their phones or laptops. They pick up certain food, certain quantity and place their order by providing valid details for order. Customer can also choose cash on delivery or credit.
  • View Orders and Menus: The system allows user to display all the menus information and order placed by customer. The order status can also be cancelled, waiting to be delivered and delivered.
  • List and Modify Tickets: User is also able to manage and modify all the tickets from the customer.

Steps to use the project:

  • First, extract the zip file.
  • Copy the folder into C://xampp/htdocs’ folder. (Install xampp if you dont have one)
  • Start MySQL server in xampp. and open phpmyadmin.
  • Create database with name ‘food’ and import the SQL file in the project folder.
  • Then, start Apache server and type ‘localhost/project_name’ on your browser. (rename project_name with name of the project folder).
  • So, Login details are in the SQL user table.

Download link is here:


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