Payroll Management System in C++ (With Source Code)

Payroll Management System in C++ Overview

Payroll Management System in C++ is a console application with simple command line graphics. This projects has several classes that provides numerous sub-classes and features inside them. The basic function in the project are like adding new payroll record with employment informations, modifying the records , deleting the records and updating them too. Hence, the employee automatically gets salary receipt by the system.

So, This project is developed using C++ in DevC++. The source code maybe a bit long but the code are usually simple for beginner level. Therefore, we want to provide error free coding project to all.

Some the main features includes:

In addition, some of the main features are described a bit below:

  • Adding New Employee Record: This module adds new informations of the employee like employee name, code, address , phone number, date and many more. So, the record adding process is much more detailed as more information is required to be inserted by the user.
  • Updating the Employee Record: This module handles the updating feature of the project. So, the user is able to edit/ modify the employee details by providing the employee code, joining date or name. Employee are also categorized with alphabetical order.
  • Removing Record: This module allows the user to simply delete the employee record the payroll management system by inserting the employee code that every employee has. Confirmation text is provided to make sure the user wants to delete the record.
  • View Employee Record: This module allows user to display the employee record by simply entering the employee code into the payroll system.
  • View All Employee Record: This module displays all the list of the employee ever recorded in the system with their information in the table grid cells.

Important Header Files

Furthermore, the project need header tags to run. So, look out if some of the header tags are missing and you might no know.


Finally, complete small task below to unlock the download.

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