Phonebook System in C [With Source Codes]

Phonebook in C Overview

This project (Phonebook Management System) is a program written in C programming language and Dev C++. C is a powerful general purpose programming language. It is fast, portable and available in all platforms. There is wide use of C programming language i.e. from Operating systems like Windows and iOS to software built for creating 3D movies. This project is a console program without graphics i.e. it’s a simple project. The code of this project is totally error free and complete. This application is easy to use as anyone can run it easily.


This is a very simple mini project in C that can help us understand the basic concepts of functions, file handling and data structure. The name itself tells us what the project does. This project allows us to perform simple phonebook operation like in our mobile. Adding new records, listing them, modifying them and updating, searching for contacts saved, and deleting the phonebook records are the basic functions which make up the main menu of this application. This project is user-friendly as anyone can run and use this application easily. The functions provided by this application is super-easy to use.

Skills used: C++ Programming

Compiler/IDE:  DevC++

Download link for the source code is below:


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