Pokemon Gameboy in Unity 3D (With Source Files)

Pokemon Gameboy in Unity 3D Overview

The Retro Classic Role Playing Game Pokemon Gameboy Unity is now available in Unity 3D as a project. This RPG game is developed by company called Game freak in japan on Nintendo Platform. Pokemon is one of the best selling games in the history of the Nintendo handheld game console such as Gameboy Advance. The first Pokemon was game released back in 2002. They were Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby and they went to sell 16 millions of copies worldwide.

Screenshot of Gameplay:

The unity verison of this games replicates almost all compoenents of the real pokemon game. But, still some of the small things may be missed out during the process. The image above show the main menu of the game where you continue your progress or play new game.

Hence, in the game you wake up in your room as a guy or a girl depending upon what you choose first in the intro. Then, you move down stairs and talk with your mom. She says you bunch of things about your rival partner and to meet him/her. As you meet your rival, you pretty much talk about pokemon journey where you go to professor lab in town to get your pokemon. Professor let’s you choose one of three pokemon. One of grass type, water type and fire type .

That’s like same in all pokemon game. Your rival choose the opposite type pokemon. Then, you get to battle your rival for first time as he asks you. Them, you go on to unfold your pokemon journey to next level where you meet new guys, get new pokemon, defeats gym leader and face villians. So, That’s the whole story pretty much.

Steps to use the project:

  • Download the zip file below and extract into your hard drive.
  • Open unity 3d.
  • Click on Open Project, and locate the directory of the downloaded file.
  • Note: Most of the inner game components are outdated.So, recommended to update and build the project.
  • This process might take a while. So, after that enjoy.

Download link is Below:

Download will be unlocked as soon as you complete small task below:

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