Quiz Game Project Using C Program With Source Code

Quiz Game Using C Program With Source Code

Making Quiz Game Project with C

A Quiz Game is a form of game or mind sport, in which the players attempt to answer questions correctly. It is a game to test your knowledge about a certain subject. Quiz is also a brief assessment in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.

However, this quiz game is designed using C programming language. This project uses various features as saving score which allows user to create a save point so that user can continue on their quiz without losing progress. The questions comes in random so there is always little bit mixing of excitement for player.

It can prove that C languages are easy to learn and it may be useful to the student who is the beginner in this programming field. Hence, file handling has been used as the database to store records. Besides, you can play this game with your friends by running this source code provided down below.


Programming Language: C Programming

Compiler Used: DevC++ / Code blocks

Download the source code clicking the given link below:



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