Quizzler Android Studio Java [With Project Files]

Quizzler in Android Studio

Quizzler is a simple android quiz application made using Android Studio which is the official IDE for Google’s Android Operating System. Android Studio is one of the most used software for Android app development. It is user friendly as it supports almost all types of programming languages. This app is very easy and simple to use. All the project files are included in the download link below. So, you can check out how the actual project is built and run it in your android phone or virtual device according toy your needs.

What this app does?

Quizzler app is a simple android quiz application that generates random questions and gives four options to choose the right answer. The option turns green if you have chosen the right answer and turns red if chosen wrong. Furthermore, the option turns green after you have chosen the wrong answer to let you know what the right answer is.

How to run this project?

  • Download the file from the link given below
  • unzip the downloaded file and open Android Studio
  • import the file in it and run the project either in virtual device or android phone


This app maybe simple in design but it helps people to increase their knowledge. So, to increase your knowledge the download link is kept below:

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