School Billing System Using C Program With Source Code

School Billing System

In this project, you perform billing or accounting operations under two account types: one for the students and one for teachers and staffs.This project is complete and totally error-free. This project uses file handling and data structures.This is one of the best C mini-projects that will help you understand and learn whatever you need to know about developing small C projects. You can use any software that runs C program.

School Billing System is a project where you can add, record, modify, search and delete the records of both account types. In addition to that, this mini project in C allows you to display fees, dues, total and advance of students, and salary-related information of teachers and staffs.

For the entry of records, current date and month are asked. Then, you can select the account type, and perform billing operations like I mentioned above.


You can download the source code clicking the link below:


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