Simple Hotel Management System in C Programming [With Source Codes]

Hotel Management System Overview

Hotel Management System is a program written in C programming language and Dev C++. C is a very powerful general purpose programming language. It is fast, portable and available in all platforms. There is wide use of C programming language i.e. from Operating systems like Windows and iOS to software built for creating 3D movies. This project is a console program without graphics i.e. it’s a simple project. The code of this project is complete and totally error free.

This project focuses mainly on the concept of managing hotel rooms’ booking and payment. There is no login system in this project as it is a very simple project. The user can manage room booking, customer records, view total allotted rooms, edit records and payments of customers. This mini project contains limited but essential features.

Talking about the features, user can book rooms by providing room number, customer’s name, address and phone number. User can also search for the customer’s details by providing room number. He/she can check the total room’s allotted which shows room numbers, customer’s name, their addresses and phone numbers. User can modify and delete stored data. Finally, the remaining feature is payment. By providing the room number, the application displays the bill of customer.

Skills used: C Programming Language

Compiler used: DevC++

Download link for the source code is below:

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