Simple Python Projects Collection (With Source Files)

Simple Python Projects Collection Overview

Presently, here are some the basic simple python project collection that you can learn very quickly. These are little program created by python to perform specific tasks and operations. Hence, smaller programs are ways to learn python when you are beginner.Besides, These programs will help beginner to hone the python skills with ease.

In fact, Python is becoming very popular and popular these days. Besides, python is easy to pick up whether you are a absolute beginner or with some experience. So, Python is better than other programming language due to its minified codes by massive python libraries, easy to understand other structural elements. Due to this, python has gained more trust of developers over the years.

Short Description on each python program module:

Therefore. these are the short descriptions about the scripts module in the collection project. So, these small scripts of python perform specific tasks.Hence, if you finds mistakes you can comment down below.

Module 1

  • This script returns list of names of serial ports which are in use.
  • – This scripts visit youtube url to increase number of views in a video. Sometimes , this is useful
  • And – This script count the character in a files and displays number of each count character.
  • – This script downloads xkcd comic and inserts them in a folder.
  • – This script works as python time checking script.
  • – This script uses Python’s eval() function to operate as a calculator.
  • – This script moves all file than are 250+ days older into specific directory.
  • –  This script opens the file server_list.txtand performs nslookup for each DNS in the list.
  • – This script show the information about the Operating System that you are running on.

Module 2

  • Fast Youtube Downloader – This script downloads videos from youtube using aria 2.
  • Google Image Downloader – This script uses query to extract similar images from google image database.
  • – This script checks if testdir exist in the directory. It will make new on of not found.
  • – This script checks if all python runtime variables are set.
  • – This script show the info of a file.
  • –  This script scans and provides count of variations of scripts.
  • – This script  display all files and folders including sub folder in given directory.
  • – This script prints 100 lines from the variable set in a file.
  • –  This script allows you to tweet images and messages from the terminal.
  • – This script provides latest news using the Beautiful Soup with headlines.
  • cricket_live_score – This script provides ongoing cricket scores using the Beautiful Soup with headlines.
  • – This script inputs a songs name then fetches the similar top result from YouTube and plays on the browser.
  • – This script of code works as renaming froups of files in a path. You just provide present name and extension to new one.

Module 3

  • – This script checks if the path directory exist in home or not.
  • – This script performs connection test with the server on given arguments.
  • – This script inuts you  first 3 octets this file scans the final range for available addresses.
  • –  This script check the server list if it is in uptime and will provide message on completion.
  • – This script zips the logs files in the current directory.
  • –  This script displays all directory with their subdirectory with files sizes.
  • -This script sScans all the *.log files in the current directory and zips it up.


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