Super Charrio Kart In Javascript [With Source Codes]

Super Charrio Kart In Javascript Overview

Super Charrio Kart game is a simple HTML5 and Javascript game. Although it is a simple game, it is quite fun and interesting game to play. HTML is a standard mark up language for creating websites. It is building block of websites. Javascript is a lightweight, interpreted, object oriented language and is scripting language for websites. It is dynamic, supports object-oriented and functional programming style.

At first, download the project and extract it. After extracting the file, open the index file to play the game. Follow the instructions as given by the game and you can play the game. You can select different stages as per your wish and you can also choose difficulty level. Arrow buttons help you move your car where as mouse helps you to select options. For running the project in your PC, you should have browser installed in your computer. Modern browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc. can run this program without any problems. Use Google Chrome or Firefox is recommended for better experience.

If you feel like the game did not meet your expectations, you can modify the codes and make it according to your will. This project is free of download. Use it for educational purpose only.

Download Link for the project is below:


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