Super Flash Light Android Studio App [ With Project Files]

Super Flash Light App Android Studio

Super Flash light is a minimal flash light application developed using Android Studio. Hence, The controls and very easy and simple to use. Simple , fast  and bright. The app is written in JAVA Programming Language with Android Studio IDE. Android studio is an official Integrated Developement Environment (IDE) specially for development of Android Apps. It has got lot of build in developer tools and powerful source code editer and enhanced features for productivity in building apps.

On the other hand, the Super Flash has two different flash modes. One using the rear camera flash and second the screen itself. As you can see, on the image above. So, There are two buttons on the screen that switches between these modes.

Details on SuperFlash

Furthermore, the app checks if your device support flash light feature in startup. If not then the app will show alert and will exit. Hence, you should test this app in real smart phone, not android emulator as emulator doesn’t have flash feature.The permission request dialog is also shown on first start if device supports flash feature. So , to turn on the flash light, the controls are pretty simple. Click on the lightning button on the screen to turn on the flash and click again to turn off. You will also see that the color of lightning changes to yellow when flash is on and black when it is off.

To Get Started with the App:

  • Download the zip file from the link below.
  • Unzip using 7zip or winrar to a folder.
  • Open Android Studio and Click on File option to open the projects.
  • Locate the folder you just unzipped “Super Flash Folder”.
  • Wait for sometime to build the project.
  • If you get any error, it because of missing build tool and dependency for current SDK. You can locate the error and fix it by installing them.

Download link is Below:

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