Super Mario Unity 3D Game Project (With Source File)

Super Mario Unity 3D Overview

Super Mario is a 2D platform game which was developed and released back in 1985. This game was so successful so they kept developing new Mario titles. This game has sold almost 40 millions copies around the world making it one of the best selling games in the old days.

In the game Super Mario, player takes the role of the character called Mario. He also has a brother Luigi which is controlled by second player in the multiplayer game mode. The main goal is to go through mushroom kingdom and survive the deadly Bower’s forces and save the princess. In the world of Mario bros, you basically jump on enemy squishing them and collect coins to get lives.

Player Mario can also smash brick around simply jumping below them to get hidden coins and rare items. The player start with certain amount of lives. If you die, you restart on the same level. There are also hidden bricks on the game which will give you extra lives. Player dies or turn to mini Mario if he touches enemy , fall into pit or run out of time. If player loses all of its lives, the game ends.

Screenshot of the Unity 3D workspace panel:

So , the image above show the Super Mario project in unity 3d workspace. Therefore, this unity recreation of super Mario is almost very close of the original game. It has pretty accurate presentation of the game itself from design effects, particles to transitions and animations. The controls are w,s, and d corresponding to up,down,left and right. Space Bar to jump and z to shoot fireballs.

Steps to use the project:

  • First, download and extract the zip file into your hard drive.
  • Open Unity 3D and click on open project button.
  • Then, Locate the project folder in your HDD.
  • Finally, Wait for project to import and build all the assets in the game.

Download link is Below:


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