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Password Generator Python [With Source Codes]

Password Generator Overview Password Generator is a simple program written in Python programming language using TkInter for GUI. The project file contains two python scripts i.e. main.py and pwgenfunc.py. This is a simple project...


Simple Python Projects Collection (With Source Files)

Simple Python Projects Collection Overview Presently, here are some the basic simple python project collection that you can learn very quickly. These are little program created by python to perform specific tasks and operations....


SketchCode – Image into HTML Codes

SketchCode is a deep learning model that takes hand-drawn web mockups and converts them into working HTML code. Hence, uses an image captioning architecture to generate its HTML markup from hand-drawn website wire frames. As a...

Is Python Easy to Use? 0

Is Python Easy to Use?

A simple program written in C++, C, Java and Python to display text. All program prints “Hello world” and we can see the simplicity of Python program among them. C++