Weather App Android Studio Java [With Project Files]

Weather App Android Studio with Project Files

This weather app is an android studio project developed using java programming language. Android studio is android app development environment offically created by google. This software provides whole set of tool kits and environment which makes the app development process more efficient , easy and reliable. This software is used by professional developer all around the work and the good part is its free of cost. So, you get to use the software which is used by pro app developers.

Short Overview on what App does:

Clima weather app is a simple weather forecast app that uses api to get json the website. The openweather website is a weather forecast website and allows user to integrate weather apis into your app. These api requries to send parameters to get the weather data which is usually in json format. The data can be fetched using api’s given by the openwaeather website itself by which we can send parameters to get weather data. However, to get access to api. you have to sign in and request for app_key to website.

In my case, i used longitude and latitude and city name as parameter for api to get the result from the open weather database. The app displays current temperature and weather status in image as weather forecast for specifice city. When the app starts, user will get a toast message “”fetching location” which get your current longitude and latitude data and send those params to get weather for your current area.

Things to remeber while learning this app tutorial:

  • Insert uses-permission to AndroidManifest.xml file to get internet, gps address and cell tower location. These permission are mandatory to the project. Hence, internet permissions allows app to use interner, access fine location allows device to use GPS location and access coarse location allows ap to use cell network location.

  • XML layout for Main Weather Activity: This activity xml file contains a textview for location name and temperature, image for weather details , image button  for changing city.

  • XML Layout for Change City Activity: An edittext where you type city name and it will intent to main class.

  • Main WeatherController Activity Java Code: This activity has most of the codes and logic. The activity fetches the json data and show to the screen depending upon data.


  • WeatherData Model Class: This activity_class get weather json data from the main activity, creates an object of json data and returns it.


Change City Controller Class:



Basically, this is a simple weather app which you can use your self or use it as a project. So, you also can download the project source files from link down below of you want to take a look at the project.



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